Celtics Fan TV: DXSF Hoop Heads Find a Home

At beginning of the school year, most students have their minds on who’s in who classes and how are their teachers going to be. This year though, three students had an entirely different thing on their mind. Patrick Frem ’24, Dylan Weeks ’24, and Alex Coady ’24 conspire over the idea of a channel where they could interview Celtics fan so the more unfiltered thoughts and opinions could be spread. Weeks told me that he first got the idea from AFTV, who “been around for over a decade and basically interview Arsenal fans”. AFTV eventually blow up and is now even give free passes to the Arsenal Stadium to interview players and fans. Weeks decide to work with Frem and Coady to get Celtics Fan TV(CFTV) going. Their very first interview was with Will O’Connor ’25 where Weeks and Frem interview while Coady on the camera. Eventually they worked a system where Frem does the interview and Coady does the camera and Weeks does the editing which real adds a lot to the final video. Celtics Fan TV have spread to more fans on the streets and in Boston. Some of CFTV highlights are the Koski videos which are always hilarious. 

Their videos have added a new element to Dexter Southfield. As more students are interview, we can have a better insight on our students. Students can connect with other students through their hot takes and player rankings. CFTV have come a long way from the beginning. They have over 500 followers on Instagram, and over 1,000 on TikTok. They recently even had over 20,000 likes on TikTok video. CFTV are expanding rapidly and everyone should follow them.