A Look Into Student Council

Priyanka Dubey '24, Editor

For two years the Dexter Southfield upper school faced a pandemic. With remote learning, social distancing, and overall Covid concerns seemingly behind usschool presidents Gevans Gabeau ‘23 and Allison Vilms’23 are working to build back up school spirit. As we know, the first spirit week with five consecutive dress-down days was held October. So, what else is in the works this year? As many of us know, the former class representatives have shifted into house representatives, which will be announced soon. This will be a good way for students to stay active within their houses and to have leadership opportunities.  

Another topic that has been up for debate is how the dances this year will be executed. After speaking with Gevans, a few things are confirmed. Prom will be on campus in the spring, and as will Homecoming. Homecoming will be sometime in winter, but rather than a dance will be a night of games. Lastly, the play, which will be a production of Clue, will have its opening night on November 17th. Along with these upcoming events, the student council has more ideas regarding student life, and they hope to continue creating new events.